Our vision

The farm on which this project is developed is located on Tenerife island, in the municipality of Arafo, in an environment of high natural and scenic value, half way between the sea and the mountain. We have a space specially designed for you to participate, through activities and educational, recreational and cultural events.

For designing the space we've used the principles of Feng-Shui of the present time, distributing the spaces depending on their uses and the energy of the element in each sector (Fire , Air, Water , Earth, Wood)

We are based on the next principles:

  • Sustainable life

    To promote the implementation of sustainable lifestyles, through educational programs and workshops that inspire and promote creativity on living in harmony with the vital cycles and respecting the Mother Earth's Rights.

  • Earth Charter

    Promote and support the initiative of the Earth Charter as an educational and ethical framework that advocates the respect for life.

  • Culture of Peace

    Promote a Culture of Peace through meetings and events related to art, science and consciousness, encouraging the formation of networks of communication and exchange.

  • Evolution of consciousness

    Create a educational space oriented to the evolution of the consciousness related to the self-awareness of the physical and emotional health, and the respect for others and for nature.